Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Moose Nap" Original watercolor napping moose painting 8"x10" by Colorado Artist Gay'l Yocom

"Moose Nap"

© Gay'l Yocom 2010


Happy spring!  This big lazy moose is enjoying spring.  I painted this moose when I first started playing with watercolors.  I lived in the mountains of Colorado, Grand Lake to be exact.  My house bordered the Rocky Mountain National Forest and I would have all sorts of wildlife walk through my open yard heading for the forest.  Moose, elk, dear, fox...  I miss that place!  Beautiful place to live.
We got about about 4 inches of snow here in Wellington from a nice spring snow storm yesterday.  Fort Collin, just south of us 13 miles, got more than us.  But Denver, that is a different story.  They got almost 2 feet of snow!  Today, it is bright and sunny.  Beautiful out.  It will be melting in the next couple of days.  This moisture will for sure help bring out those spring flowers.  I LOVE Colorado!   

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